Younger Construction was formed on July 7, 1998, by Greg Younger. Greg is a custom home builder & remodeler. When growing up, Greg worked with his father in the construction business, he learned that he not only had a gift for craftsmanship, but a talent for understanding how a home can be remodeled to fit the needs of a family. Helping families see their vision come to fruition was his favorite aspect of the job. He fell in love with the sense of satisfaction he received when a project was completed and the clients were overjoyed with the results. To him, there was no better feeling. Now, many years in the business later, he still works every day to achieve the same results.

“Younger Construction specializes in the best new construction, home remodeling, and renovations, providing high-quality, cost-efficient, and stress-free in Anne Arundel County, Maryland area”

Before any work starts, Younger Construction meets with a potential client to discuss their desires and vision. Younger’s infectious energy helps his clients overcome their fears and get excited about the process. He listens to their expectations, including not only the design but the timeline and the budget.
He is committed to meeting and exceeding all expectations, there is no uncertainty about the process. Once he gets to know a client’s needs, he is able to use his experience to guide them into selecting a design they will be happy with in the long run. Younger says that this is what really sets him apart. He says what’s most important is that “We specialize in flexibility to allow our customers to realize their vision for their homes.”

Once the work begins, clients are amazed at the process from start to finish. Younger and his detail-oriented crew do not cut any corners. They pride themselves on being perfectionists and understanding the importance of clean lines. Younger personally interacts with his clients on a consistent basis to make sure they are happy with the way things are going. Not only does this business model allows clients to be part of the process and engaged, but it allows them to get excited. Instead of the work feeling like a chore, it feels more like a fun hobby.

Seeing the look of pure joy on his clients’ faces when a job is complete is what pulled him into the business decades ago and it is still his favorite part of the job today.